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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Slow news day

I like to think I am a fairly sophisticated news consumer and political analyst. So I am scratching my head this morning after reading the Herald's blaring front page story about Sal DiMasi's upcoming trial on corruption charges and its potential impact on Deval Patrick's re-election bid.

And the question that keeps recurring is: whose water is the Herald carrying in a story that fails to really break any new ground? I mean let's look at the facts:
  • Incumbent politicians are an endangered species to begin with;
  • Patrick has more problems than most;
  • As for the timing, all we have is a statement by DiMasi's attorney that he is prepared to go to trial in the fall.

We do have a killer quote from BU "political professor" Thomas Whalen that's a real two-fer: talking about the "death blow" a trial would be for Patrick and comparing him to Joe Malone, who he called a "boob."

On the inflammatory scale, that one rates an 11.

The story then offers the history of the sordid Cognos case, mentioning the administration officials who have and have not testified before a grand jury, after offering "Neither Patrick, whom FBI agents interviewed about the federal corruption case, nor members of his staff have been implicated in any criminal misdeeds connected to the case."

Let's look at the the potential suspects.

DiMasi attorney Martin Weinberg could be looking to put some heat on the governor in the hopes of working out some sort of deal. Except Patrick has nothing to deal with -- the trial is in federal court and even if a governor could use some leverage in a case like this that act would be more damning than a trial.

Not to mention that Patrick appears to score a lot higher on the ethics scale than Weinberg's client.

So on to the political foes: Charlie Baker? It's not his style. Tim Cahill? Too risky because it would dredge up his own connections to lobbyist Tom Kelly. Christy Mihos? It sounds like a Dick Morris stunt, but Morris is no longer on Mihos' payroll.

So dear reader, a request for help. Whose water is the Herald carrying? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Blogger Judy Meredith said...

As Drop Kick Murphy would say Well, I love that dirty water (I love it, baby)
I love that dirty water (I love Baw-stun)
I love that dirty water (Have you heard about the Strangler?)
I love that dirty water (I'm the man, I'm the man)
I love that dirty water (Owww!)
I love that dirty water (Come on, come on)

February 25, 2010 5:40 AM  
Blogger Matthew Nadler said...

This is the Herald, they aren't necessarily carrying anyone's water, they just have a compulsive need to treat any story with a maximum level of hysteria.
They're just playing to their base.

February 25, 2010 9:02 AM  

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