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Saturday, March 27, 2010

And in the beginning

As the Globe cashes a nice $68,544 check from MSNBC I hope they think fondly of me -- and a friend who suggested I become a fan of Rachel Maddow for Senate.

The emergence of the Maddow-Scott Brown food fight has been credited in large part to an errant tweet from state Democratic Party chairman John Walsh. But its real origins are very simple: A March 5 post in this tiny corner of the blogosphere. It was immediately snapped up by Universal Hub (with far better attribution than shown by the mainstream media).

It was shortly thereafter that Walsh's errant direct message unleashed #walshgate. The rest as they say is history. Even if the role of blogs has been thoroughly ignored.

Hey Globe, I'll accept a finder's fee on that ad. And I'd be happy to split it with Adam.

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