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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A man with a plan. Not.

Tim Cahill has spent the past few weeks lashing out at the Massachusetts health care law -- telling everyone from Drudge to Glenn Beck how it will bankrupt Massachusetts.

So you would think a gubernatorial candidate who has overseen the state's books for seven years would have some solid ideas on how to cut the cost of health care? You would think wrong. As he told the audience listening to Tom Finneran's radio show yesterday:
“I don’t know exactly how you do it.”
This is not exactly the first time Cahill's brain failed to match his mouth. Perhaps he thinks it's disarmingly honesty to admit he doesn't have all the answers because he doesn't recall being asked the questions.

But a candidate running for office on a platform of changing what he says is ailing us should at least be able to speak in something beyond generic sound bites about the problems -- and potential solutions.

Treasurer Tim had a similar non-answer when asked about balancing the state budget, another area where he has pleaded innocence of the facts. Yesterday he offered cuts in the state's sales and income tax and "across the board" spending cuts to make up the difference.

Simple answers for complex problems, with a few "I don't knows." Heck, we expect more from our talk show hosts in terms of preparation. And they never admit to not knowing what they are talking about.

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