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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not their cup of tea

Treasurer Tim has launched a blitzkrieg run at Tea Party voters recently, presenting himself as the original Scott Brown -- a crusader against business as usual. The eight-year incumbent has been trying to fashion himself as the ultimate outsider.

All it took was a class of college journalism students to puncture that myth.

Read the work of Northeastern journalism students -- under the direction of Walter Robinson -- and you see the classic call and response of a politician caught soliciting campaign contributions from the people and firms he does business with.

First the classic disclaimer -- nothing involved with the bundled $500 donations from real estate lawyers, property managers, and Realtors in Texas, Missouri, Colorado and Florida is illegal. Just good government types interested in Massachusetts government.

And it's pure coincidence that the firms which work with Michael Ruane's TA Associates Realty had some of their most generous impulses around the same time that Ruane landed a $100 million job from the Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management board.

Treasurer Tim, of course, likes to tell us he oversees the pension system, except of course when he doesn't. And that Ruane raises funds for him. Except when he doesn't.

The Globe story offers several faces of Cahill and should be required reading for anyone buying the Beck-blitzing bull being offered up by Cahill.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cahill sounds a little like the "Me too, me too" candidate. As bad as his positions are, looking like the copy cat, at this time, is just a little pathetic.

March 21, 2010 3:34 PM  

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