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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Anatomy of a non-story

One of the values of new media options, like Twitter and the blogosphere, is that you learn about stories before they actually happen. Here's a tale I'm looking forward to learning more about.

Checking out the Twitterverse yesterday, you find the Boston Chamber of Commerce pushing a study saying Massachusetts has the eighth highest corporate tax burden in the nation as a percentage of gross state product, according to the Council on State Taxation.

A few hours later, the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center tells us Massachusetts is 43rd overall in business tax burdens.

Who's right? Probably both. I suspect the business-supported Chamber looked at only one aspect of the levies on Massachusetts business while the left-leaning Budget and Policy Center took a broader brush.

And maybe that's why neither side made a strong enough case to merit a story. At least not yet. And that's why we still need journalists to sort things out -- even if they get to the story a little later than the folks in the Twitterverse.

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