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Monday, April 05, 2010

Haven't you left yet Rush?

Memo to Rush Limbaugh: You need to have character in order for it to be assassinated.

Our favorite Oxyhead was back at it over the weekend, proving what mothers have told children since time immemorial -- bullies can dish it out but can't take it.

The King of All Bloviators (even with Glenn Beck breathing down his neck) was terribly offended that Barack Obama called him out as a source of division.
"I think the president is trying to distract me, to get me talking about ME on my show instead of talking about him and the regime's agenda. But it won't work. I'm wise to their tactics," he wrote. "I know that a majority of Americans are angry at the regime's (and the Democrats') constant attempts at character assassination of their opposition. They want no part of engaging us in the Arena of Ideas. They seek instead to discredit and marginalize us, and it has gotten old."
It's the classic old technique of turning the mirror on your foe. But what's even more interesting for a dims store analyst is Rushbo's obvious ego mania: it's about trying to distract him. But heck, you do love to talk about yourself.

Hey Rush, you promised to leave the country if health care reform passed. Time to live up to at least one promise. Or we can keep swatting you on the nose with a rolled up newspaper...

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