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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

He's alive!

The Globe seems to be reading up in the Twitterverse. How else to explain today's front page story that Deval Patrick isn't dead meat politically.

The most intriguing piece of information in today's dispatch is the non-specific details of an internal Patrick poll that claims the governor has opened up a lead on Charlie Baker and a wider one on Tim Cahill. Other than that, the story simply catches non-new media types up on what's been a Twitter tong war between Baker and Cahill.

Sure, Baker has been raking in the bucks. But political history is replete with well-financed candidates who couldn't make the grade with voters and we have seen stories about Baker's struggles in that area.

As for Cahill, well, he's not returning campaign brain trust e-mail but I've thought no one has been home for a long time.

There's a long road to November and the Patrick ought not be measuring the Corner Office for new drapes (oops, he did that already). But it would be foolish to count him out, even if the Globe is just discovering that.

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