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Friday, April 09, 2010

Trolling for dollars -- and votes

House Speaker Robert DeLeo is apparently among the majority of who think the media are a bigger problem in American politics than money. And that makes it a no-brainer for DeLeo to line up votes and campaign cash at the same time.

An astounding 55 percent of Americans think media bias is a bigger problem than the billions spent winning friends and influencing people -- and lining up votes on Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill, 49 other statehouses and countless city and town halls across the United States.

That reflects the ability of money to change the subject and deflect attention from the real problem. A problem is vividly on display in Beacon Hill's annual fund-raising season.

Yeah, DeLeo is right when he calls his April fund-raiser "somewhat of a tradition, if you will." That's because the House traditionally debates its budget in April. This year, lawmakers are looking to put the a new revenue source in place to help cope with the continued massive cuts.

DeLeo has yet to indicate he is trodding the same path followed by his three immediate predecessors who saw their careers banging the gavel ended by a judge using their own. And while I don't believe the money buys actual votes, access is a different matter.

The easy (make that uneasy) relationship between politicians and lobbyists should be a much bigger concern -- both for the folks who rake in the cash from special interests and those who continue to believe the conservative Big Lie that attempts to blame the media for everything.

But in a twisted way, maybe the public is right. With the conservative Supreme Court's ruling that corporations are people when it comes to spending their cash to spread their message in paid announcements, the media will become an even bigger part of the dysfunction that is today's American political system.

Because the prime time cesspool that is cable "news" will only echo its master's voice.

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