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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Which side are you on?

Barack Obama may call himself a "national Rorschach test" but if you are looking for someone who is different things to different people, you don't really need to look much further today that Sarah Palin and how she is viewed by editors at the Boston newspapers.

The Globe fronts s story today on how leading Republicans like Charlie Baker and Scott Brown plan to steer clear when Palin's Tea Party Express rolls into town tomorrow.

The Herald looks at the "bitter taste" she for Bay State liberals, downplaying the storm of controversy that sprang up after their story yesterday that Brown wasn't planning on paying obeisance to the group that claims to have elected him.

To be fair, part of the editorial decision may have been to advance the story with which they cleaned the Globe's clock yesterday. But as the Phoenix's David Bernstein points out, Tea Party organizers were less than amused with the junior senator's decision. As radio yakker Michael Graham said:
... the main reason Sen Brown should be there is to remind everyone of the character of his supporters. Those Democrats and independents didn't vote for him out of hate, or concerns about Obama's birth records. I'd love to see Scott use this megaphone to announce or shared positive values and maybe even call out a kook or two in the crows and tell them they've come to the wrong place.
Problem is, as Bernstein notes, the kooks are running the show:
That would be Mark Williams, chairman of the Tea Party Express, who does indeed express concerns about Obama's birth records -- and also has stated that Obama is a Muslim, that Obama is implementing a "philosophy of fascism and national socialism," and much, much more.

Just yesterday, Williams wrote on his blog: "B. Hussein Obama took power on the same kinds of hateful ideology and is engaging in nothing different than did mass murders like Stalin and Pol Pot."

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