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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why people hate Washington

I'd seen the advance online version of The New York Times Sunday Magazine's profile about Politico uber-reporter Mike Allen and even read some of the early reviews.

But nothing could prepare me the utterly depressing picture of a a reporter and a town that is totally absorbed in its own little dramas -- and so out of touch with the big, wide world.

I've always considered myself a political junkie and I religiously scour news websites every morning for the latest from my business world. This blog is usually written at an ungodly hour when smart people are asleep.

But while Mark Leibovich presents a portrait of a man happy with himself and his place in the DC political firmament, I can't help but alternating between being saddened and being appalled by the lifestyle of the reporter -- and the community he covers like a glove.

Do you need any better proof for the giant disconnect between Washington and the rest of the world?

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