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Sunday, April 04, 2010


Apparently Joan Vennochi has selectively offended hearing.

The Globe columnist devotes a whole Sunday piece to Vice President Joe Biden's ill-timed f-bomb. Somehow she seems to neglect to mention the N-word, the other F-word and other forms of vulgarity (and spittle) that were directed at John Lewis, Barney Frank and Emmanuel Cleaver during the run up to the health care vote.

Did the vice president f-up with his mistimed expression of exuberance? D-straight. Was there hatred and angry attached to it as in the other examples of vulgar behavior in Washington? H-no.

A college student on a job interview will not get very far dropping an f-bomb. But he or she could get do far more damage to their future by using the other examples of foul language.

And that's the uncensored truth.

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