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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bringing us together

Who says Tim Cahill is running a divisive campaign? With one blast at Deval Patrick, Fox News Tim has managed to bring together Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Jew -- with the common theme of blasting his hot button attack.

Way to reach for the Tea Party vote there Timmie.

Cahill, of course, accused Patrick of "pandering" by attending a meeting with Muslims at a Roxbury mosque last week. The treasurer accused Patrick of being soft on terrorism, certainly a major issue in the race for the Statehouse Corner Office.

The multi-faith religious response, on the steps of the same mosque, was pointed:
“Those running for the gubernatorial seat, those at the State House, and anybody else that might think about it: not in Massachusetts! No bigotry!’’ the Rev. Hurmon Hamilton, president of the interfaith organization and pastor of Roxbury Presbyterian Church, declared to applause. “We will stand with one another and protect one another and fight for one another.’’
Not surprisingly, Cahill said he was being misquoted.
“It is unfortunate that some are misrepresenting my remarks, but I will not allow this important discussion on the issue of terrorism to be dragged down that path,” Cahill said in a statement.
The path you started down.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Cahill will be the subject of a fatwah and get stoned, will that be punishment enough?

June 01, 2010 9:10 AM  

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