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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Crazy like a fox

While Massachusetts Democrats have been beside themselves examining junior Sen. Scott Brown for flaws to be exploited to cut short his run on the Time Magazine Top 100 influentials, a not-so-humble, left-leaning preacher from Chicago has found an ideal solution: praise.
“We’re all impressed with his sense of independence,’’ said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was at the Park Street MBTA station to advocate for mass transit funding. “Somebody has to go look at the republic, not just the Republicans. Somebody has to look at democracy, not just Democrats. He seems to have a broader view of politics than just party politics. That’s where I come in. I respect his vision he shares.’’
So let's see now: Jesse Jackson praises Brown for his vision. Do you think there's a bit of confusion in Tea Party Nation?

But a question Jesse -- what independence? Like in opposing health care and Wall Street regulation in lock step with Senate GOP leaders?

Just sayin...

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