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Friday, May 14, 2010

Deval gets his mojo back

Political forensic scientists who pick over the bones of the 2010 Massachusetts governor's race may circle May 13 as a key date: when Deval Patrick stood before a live, televised press conference with a phalanx of public safety officials to assure Massachusetts residents the commonwealth is not under a terror threat.

Meanwhile, independent candidate Tim Cahill, meeting with the Herald editorial board, fought for his political life after a barrage of Republican Governors Association ads stopped whatever momentum his candidacy may have built up.

And over at the Globe, Brian McGrory slices and dices Charlie Baker's descent from the Great Republican Hope to the Typical Republican Hack.

No elected official ever wishes for a crisis, but those who handle them well can often benefit from the impression left by their performances.

Patrick has now played the soothing voice of calm twice in as many weeks, first with Aquapocalypse, now with his reassuring words after FBI raids in Watertown and Brookline that “The Joint Terrorism Task Force has identified no immediate threat to persons or property in Massachusetts.”

The best campaign strategy for Patrick right now is to be himself, flaws and all. The increasingly nasty battle between Baker and Cahill only benefits him.

There are a lot of pitfalls and major potholes between now and November -- the yawning budget gap and the painful cuts likely to come largest among them. But there are also numerous opportunities for showing leadership with a legislative agenda that includes casinos, economic development, gun control, criminal offender record reform and a municipal management bill.

For now, Patrick should enjoy the breather from the relenting criticism he has faced. Eventually Cahill and Baker will stop going after each other and focus on him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed! but don't you mean "Apaqualypse"?

May 14, 2010 11:47 AM  

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