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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Has anyone seen the Herald?

The Supreme Judicial Court suspends Probation Commissioner John O'Brien while Deval Patrick, Robert DeLeo and Therese Murray continue to squabble over the proper way to run the department, while O'Brien takes aim at Chief Administrative Judge Robert Mulligan.

Tim Cahill, meanwhile, who employs the wife and two children of the now-suspended O'Brien assists his staggering campaign as it swirls ever closer to the drain by denying any role in their hiring and utters words that will live forever in the lore of Beacon Hill by uttering:
“Does that not happen in government all the time?" Obviously, it is part of the political process. It’s an unfortunate part when it’s been brought to this level."
And while all this turmoil roils on Beacon Hill, where's the Herald? Telling its readers about the Twitter war that's been raging among the candidates' surrogates. And Deval Patrick's provocative choice of words about the national Republican strategy.

It's always hard for a news organization to cover exclusives generated by the competition. Both pride and resources come into play. But when the three branches of government focus on just one issue -- and a gubernatorial candidate seems to find himself in the middle of the mother of all patronage scandals, one that may well consume his campaign -- it's hard to justify pride.

Unless, of course, they expect their readers to learn about Cahill's political demise on the Twitter.

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Blogger Mark B. said...

Funny thing - for years now, while reading Howie Carr each week, I asked myself "Where's the Globe?" Howie has made a career out of exposing patronage scams, nepotism and the sinkhole of filth that is the Massachusetts Great and General Court. The Globe? Not so much. Until now.

May 25, 2010 11:59 AM  

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