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Friday, May 14, 2010

Here we go Celtics...

Admit it, you are more than a little stunned at how easily the Celtics dismantled LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Are these really the same guys who stumbled through the regular season?

You scoffed as I did when the eternal optimist Doc Rivers kept saying he loved this team. You fretted about the inability to win at home, particularly on Friday nights. You thought the Big Three should be fitted for rocking chairs in Springfield.

Well the shoe is on the other foot now: the much-vaunted, built-to-win Cavaliers slink back to Cleveland amid much finger-pointing, almost all of it directed at King James and his very tarnished crown.

Regular readers know my native-born loyalties to the hapless Indians and Browns did not extend to the boys in wine red and gold. But as I rejoice over the Celtics moving on, I do shed a tear for my hometown, now championship-deprived for 46 years with little hope on the horizon.

And as for the Green? Not much time to celebrate. The Orlando Magic has been the team everyone loves to ignore -- even though they finished second in the East and have swept their first two playoff rounds.

This will be the battle between the overlooked and the written off. Bring it.

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Blogger LDUTheCoach said...

Wow, Boston looked real good beating Cleveland but I might not be alone when I think that they have their hands full in Orlando. The Magic beat them in seven and they will again this year, they have only improved since last year with the addition of Vinsanity. Here’s proof with a prediction: http://www.lionsdenu.com/nba-playoffs-eastern-conference-final-boston-celtics-vs-orlando-magic/
The Celtics could do it though, Rajon Rondo is a beast and Boston needs him.

May 14, 2010 11:58 AM  

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