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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stay classy Boston

Like a proverbial broken clock, even Dan Shaughnessy can be right once in awhile. And remind us there are even more irresponsible sports columnists in town.

Amidst all the mindless angst over the Celtics somehow doing what forever more will be known as "pulling a Bruins," the Celtics took care of business and dispatched the Orlando Magic last night in six games. And they really did beat the Magic at their own game -- behind the three-point line.

The day got off to a bad start when Herald columnist Ron Borges -- dumped by the Globe for plagiarism -- urged the Men in Green to emulate what he suggested were the cheap elbows of Magic center Dwight Howard.

In a reference likely lost on any Celtic fan under the age of 25, he suggested one good Rambis incident would do the trick. That of course is a reference to Kevin McHale's 1984 clotheslining of Laker enforcer Kurt Rambis.

The Celtics management did everything short of producing a cadre of Rambis Youth before last night's game to echo the sentiment: reproducing the Herald front page and clips of the McHale takedown. Said CHB:
... Promoting this theme on the scoreboard was pretty bush-league stuff by Boston standards. Better at times like this to remember that we are not Yahoo Orlando or Raleigh. Fans in Boston know what to do without coaching from the videoboard.
And so did the Big Three plus One

So it's on to The Finals, something I, like many in Celtics Nation outside the locker room, thought was highly unlikely the way they limped through the regular season. Another match-up with the Fakers or a showdown with Los Suns await.

And a reminder to Borges: Rambis eventually got the last laugh, replacing McHale as coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves after McHale wore out his welcome up north when he traded Kevin Garnett to the Celtics.

Go Celtics!

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