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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What, Me Worry?

If a candidate's goal is to get his name in the paper and on TV, then Tim Cahill should be grinning from ear to ear today.

Treasurer Tim found himself on the front page of the Globe -- lined up for target practice yet again by the Republican Governors Association over his votes on the Quincy City Council and spending at the Treasury.

Then there's the Herald's look at his proposal to help small business start-ups with a three-year hiatus in paying state taxes.

Finally you get to Scot Lehigh's devastating look at Cahill's Chamber of Commerce speech where he offers all dessert and no vegetables -- reiterating his call for rolling back the income and sales tax and walking away from specifics over the cost and the program cuts need to make it work.

Even as the Patrick administration put a $4 billion price tag on those cuts and the lost federal stimulus funds.

Judging by the comments of Herald readers (always a dicey proposition) Cahill may be on to something.

Cahill's steady diet of what Lehigh labels "cotton candy" certainly seems to be having a positive effect on his campaign, where some polls have shown him running second behind Deval Patrick. And the amount of time and cash the RGA is targeting at an independent in April and May is likely unprecedented.

So far, Cahill's "What, Me Worry?" attitude toward the facts seems to be a successful one. After all, it mimics that of the Keep Your Government Hands of My Medicare crowd. And that should have all us worried.

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Blogger Ryan said...

Ah, yes, his decision to spend big bucks on improving the niceties of lottery headquarters. Can't let those just-stroke-it-rich folks go in to claim their dough without the huge-screen TVs and expensive furniture, etc. Note the fact that, because he wasn't governor, he never got called on that spending like Patrick got called on his spending to improve the Corner Office (which was in terrible shape prior to his arrival), and then not being forgiven for it even after he decided to pay for all the expenses. Cahill should absolutely be held accountable for the huge sink he put into the State Lottery. Even as it was making more and more money, he was allowing spending increases to far exceed the larger sums it was bringing in... and cities and towns had to pay the consequences.

May 13, 2010 3:41 AM  

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