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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Do the math Charlie

There he goes again. The commonwealth's one-time Secretary of Administration and Finance -- the man who knows what gets spend and where -- says the Massachusetts can have low taxes and a continued high level of local services.

All it takes is consolidating high-paying government jobs on Beacon Hill.

Let's see some numbers -- which jobs? How many thousands, perhaps millions, will it save? How does that contrast to the hundreds of millions in cuts necessitated by the Great Recession? Put some facts behind the assertions.

After all these years of the false premises and promises of Reaganonomics, of no taxes and continued spending -- and the massive Reagan and Bush deficits -- does anyone still believe that? Baker obviously assumes people will continue to fall for this argument no matter how many times it has been proven wrong.

And shame on him for peddling this con job.

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