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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Live on Someone Else's Dime State

It seems our friends north of the border continue to suffer from an identity crisis.

Heck, first nature took the Old Man in the Mountain. Then human beings took another indelible image of the Live on Someone Else's Dime or Die State -- the Hampton Toll Booths (not the money mind you, just the endless lines you encounter transiting to and from Maine).

The identity crisis is such that our flinty friends have hired an Orlando, Florida firm to rebrand the Granite State. I'll refrain from Mickey Mouse wisecracks. OK, maybe just one.

But as a public service, I offer a reminder of some of the images and ideas from my own, free focus group. They can hold their own at the roadside liquor stores.

And here's a helpful suggestion: use Myth Romney as the spokesman: "I live in so many states and New Hampshire is one of them..."

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