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Monday, June 28, 2010

You can fool some of the people...

The clearest message from today's Globe poll on the popularity of Massachusetts politicians is that this blog doesn't get read widely enough.

Actually it's no surprise that Scott Brown continues to ride the wave of popularity that swept him into office and made him a national star. It takes a lot to break through the clutter of news and pseudonews these days and no major media outlet has really zeroed in on Brown's contradictions.

And the poll, conducted June 17-23, doesn't take into account Brown's votes against continued employment insurance and his threat to scuttle financial reform over a tax on the bankers who helped to create the wave of anger that put him into office.

It's also quite true that the Democratic bench is virtually empty, prompting the early failed boomlet for Rachel Maddow. It's really hard to conceive of any Democratic member of the House of giving up what the same poll suggests is still likely a safe seat to challenge Brown. And I really can't see any Kennedy successfully riding to the party's rescue.

But with Brown voting on the reservation with his GOP colleagues 84 percent of the time, there will be additional opportunities for votes that contrast rhetoric with reality. And I'm not planning to go anywhere.

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