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Monday, July 26, 2010

Damned if you do

You know it's silly season when a trip to visit Massachusetts troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany is criticized.

Treasurer Tim and a collection of Republicans
have done just that though, arguing the trip was a taken by three Republican and one other Democratic governor was a poorly timed stunt.


Aside from the fact the trip's timing and itinerary was dictated by the Pentagon, there still is one week left on the endless legislative session.

Yes Patrick has declared he planned to be deeply involved in negotiations around casino legislation. But saying he wanted a seat at the legislative table and actually getting one are two different things. And Patrick has the advantage of holding a pocket veto.

Now imagine the outcry if people later learned he passed up a trip so he could babysit DeLeo, Murray and the gang.

I guess Tim's faltering campaign could use a boost beyond the barbecues and parades he's been dealing with in an effort to stem his plummeting numbers.

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