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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Elephants who live in glass houses

Over the past few days, John Kerry has taken quite a self-inflicted beating, principally in the Herald (but here too) over the questions of Teresa's yacht, where it's berthed and how much taxes, if any, he owes on the boat.

The Globe, which approached the story as if it was picking up after a dog in the park, tried to move it forward today with a story looking at the potential damage to his political career. The strongest concern they found came from Rob Eno, of Red Mass. Group, who paints a broad brush in comparing Kerry to the barn-coated, truck drivin' man who voted for bankers and against extended unemployment benefits:
“It’s another instance in which the Democratic machine makes laws for themselves that they feel they don’t have to follow."
Aside from the fact the legalities of Kerry's gaffe have yet to be determined, you don't have to go far to see a contrarian view about the deadliness of political blunders, on the very pages of the newspaper that lives to torment Live Shot:
Former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney is a “major player” nipping at the heels of President Obama and stands as the GOP’s best shot to reclaim the Oval Office in 2012, a new national poll shows.
Yep, our very own Myth Romney, he of multiple homes in several states, who had undocumented immigrants landscaping one of those homes at the same time he was railing against immigration. Uh Rob, was that ignoring a law he made a big deal about following?

In the end, Romney was done in not by the landscapers but because his policies (and sadly his religion) did not meet with the approval of Republican primary voters.

And so it will be with John Forbes Kerry, he with the ability to stick both of his Topsiders in his mouth. At least Kerry has never tried to present himself as a human Rorschach test, twisting himself up into knots to please a select group of voters based on whatever election it was.

Nor has he tried to portray himself a man of the people while voting against their interests (you listening Scott Brown?).

Kerry has plodded along as a solid legislator, interested in foreign affairs, oblivious to the perceptions of his fabulous wealth and pursuits like wind-surfing. He's tried for the brass ring and failed and should be fine by 2014 if he seeks another term.

And that's probably a more solid place than Romney when he re-enters the national arena against Sarah Palin in 2012. The (equally hypocritical) alleged differences between Romney and Palin will be played out on a much broader screen that this Kerry blunder.

And Kerry bashers on the right will have to pick sides among their own.

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