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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Give it a rest

Nine hundred seventy-seven.

That's the number short-memoried critics should keep in mind when they bloviate about Barack Obama and his vacation days or golf outings. Because George Bush spent all or part of 977 days, -- that's 2.6 years -- at either Camp David or the Crawford ranch. It apparently doesn't count the time spent with Mom and Dad in Kennebunkport either.

If you're looking for an apples to apples comparison, it's 120-65 based on time served.

And the Obama family mixes with real human beings (as best they can within the protective Secret Service cocoon) in places like Bar Harbor, Yellowstone, even Martha's Vineyard. It's a far cry from the isolation of presidential retreats.

It's called trying to live a somewhat normal life with two young children while also dealing with a 24-7-365 spotlight.

I think we have bigger issues to deal with than vacation spots. And for the record, Obama has dealt with those too -- the Great Recession, health care and financial regulation -- even taking a few hours or days to recharge.

Chill out. It's good advice for Obama and for his critics.

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