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Thursday, July 01, 2010

The importance of being Scott

Scott Brown is like a kid in the candy store, trying to sample everything he gets his hands on, leaving his fingerprints over everything.

The now the supposed working class hero, who forced Democrats to remove a $19 billion tax on banks from the financial reform legislation says he still isn't sure he will vote for the bill, prompting the Senate to delay a vote and not so coincidentally, preventing Barack Obama from achieving his goal of signing he major reform package into law before the Fourth of July.

In his usual direct approach, House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank declared:
“I don’t know what his problem is.’’
So now after serving his banking masters, Brown and lawmakers are off on (yet another) vacation, one that he and his fellow Republicans have made sure will be unpleasant for the millions who no longer have unemployment benefits to get them through the weeks and months it has taken to find replacement jobs for the ones they lost thanks to the bankers.

And Brown? Well he'll have more time to revel in being "the populist hero." He may even reflect that it's time to stop playing coy games and vote for the banker's giveaway he created.

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