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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fair and balanced Herald

Today's Herald offers some insights for tea leaf readers curious about the changes possible now that Joe Scaccia has taken over the top slot from Kevin Convey. And the initial impulse is to say "not many."

First and foremost, there's the really strange decision to lead an editorial board interview with Democratic treasurer candidate Steve Grossman's indifference to an endorsement "snub" from Scott Brown.

Let me get this straight: the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee is going to expect support from a hot Republican property -- and it's news when he does not?

What's more curious is to almost virtually ignore what really should matter to readers with the line "Grossman vowed to push for reform and transparency if elected, including an $85,000 pension cap and requiring lottery contracts be put out to bid every two years."

At the same time, there's not a staff-written word online about the $250 million Race to the Top education grant -- and Massachusetts' No. 1 ranking -- a story that stripped across the top of the Globe.

Could it be the grant represented another political feather in Deval Patrick's cap -- and hence not worth a mention?

They decide. And report.

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