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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fixin' a hole

Apparently Charlie Baker can't handle the truth, even when it is only referred to obliquely.

The years of neglect to Massachusetts' other roads and bridges -- the ones not part of the Big Dig -- have been coming home to roost in a Big Way the last two days as the bottom falls out of I-93 in Medford.

Deval Patrick danced around the obvious in explaining why the project to fix the 50-year-old roadway was on a priority list of accelerated projects:
“We have all these structurally deficient bridges and this extraordinary backlog of deferred maintenance because of the way we financed the Big Dig and how it starved infrastructure all across the Commonwealth. “We’re trying to catch up, and we’re making good progress.’’
But the Baker camp, which has been trying to claim he was at the heart of all important Weld-Cellucci administration decisions has also been trying to pretend the Big Dig fiasco didn't happen during the Welducci years.
“When is Deval Patrick going to take responsibility for anything?’’ said Amy Goodrich, a Baker spokeswoman. “The next thing you know, he’s going to be blaming Charlie Baker for raising taxes eight times during the last four years."
Yep. Patrick and the Legislature have been forced to raise taxes and slash spending to make up for the excesses in spending and tax cutting during the Welducci and Bush eras. When is Charlie Baker going to take responsibility for anything?

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Blogger Readwriteblue said...

Tax dollars collected per mile of state-operated road? $523,265

Tax dollars spent on those miles of state-run road? $197,258

Tax dollars spent MAINTAINING these roads? $ 85,044 (48th in nation)

Tax dollars spent ADMINISTRATING roads? $ 70,131 (#1 in nation)

It is a systemic problem that has existed for decades. It is a fact that we spend more to fix our cars that are damaged from driving on substandard roads than it would cost to fix the roads. The only ones that benefit from our huge debt are the bond holders, not the citizens of our Commonwealth. None of our political leaders wish to due what is best for the Commonwealth. That would take character, a commodity sorely lacking on Beacon Hill.

August 05, 2010 12:53 PM  

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