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Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Hampshire blues

You would think that for the four bucks they snag for each to and from Maine that New Hampshire public works officials could fork over a few dollars for directional signs when the muse actually strikes someone to stop in the Land of Booze and Butts Taxes.

After experiencing a Saturday backup from Salem to Kittery on the way north, Mrs. OL and I decided to stop off in Portsmouth to break up the trip home. Delaying the high speed insanity for a bit, we opted to head south by way of Route 1. Big mistake of you are looking for downtown Portsmouth.

There was nary a (visible) sign directing you off Route 1, so after passing Water Country, we hauled out Google Maps and plotted a course heading back north. All seemed well until we found ourselves stuck in traffic -- slowly and inexorably heading back over to Maine on the World War drawbridge that looked as if it hadn't been painted since the Great War.

After a couple hours wandering around town, we decided to head south and home. Only problem -- no signage showing the way to 95 South. Again, thanks to the glories of Google Maps, we found our way back to the highway.

And out of state, without plunking down hard-earned cash for cut-rate booze. Or anything else.

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