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Friday, August 27, 2010

Off with his head!

It's hard to tell some times which Alice in Wonderland character best describes Sarah Palin.

Is she the Queen of Hearts, vanquishing Alaska foe Lisa Murkowski and demanding the removal of Scott Brown's head?

Or is she the Mad Hatter, the well-paid titular head of the Tea Party, dragging the Republican Party even farther to the right, perhaps even enabling Democrats to survive a November trouncing because of the extreme views of candidates like Rand Paul, Sharon Angle and Joe Miller?

Aside from providing Brown a boost for his 2012 Massachusetts re-election effort, the Sage of Wasilla's comments decrying Brown's moderation won't have much impact. Frankly, it strikes me as a move in a 3-D chess board where one rumored 2012 GOP presidential candidate is launching a preemptive strike against the media's flavor of the month Republican who will no doubt line up behind Mitt Romney, a significant rival for party affections in two years.

And as for the national punditocracy's latest roller coaster assessment of Palin's power in the wake of the Miller upset, let's get serious. Right now, all it proves is that she still has some clout in the internecine world of Alaska politics where the Palin-Murkowski blood feud has been Topic A for years.

Let's take a deep breath here It's August, a deadly slow news month that spawned the Palin phenomenon two years ago and was the first month of the rest of her political life when she pulled a Romney and walked away from her job last year.

Palin's popularity remains a sometime thing (except, apparently, among the small subset of GOP potheads, where she hold a narrow lead over Newt Gingrich) and it's unclear whether political power or financial riches is her ultimate goal.

That's the light in which we should be viewing her refudiation of Scott Brown and the Massachusetts electorate she knows so well.

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