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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Righting a civil wrong

Now conservatives have another reason to repeal the 14th Amendment.

Thanks to a good, solid decision on the part of federal Judge Vaughan R. Walker, the Party of No will be able to play politics with the absurd concept that voters actually have the right to meddle into the private lives of people.

By tossing out California's Proposition 8 -- where voters, backed by out-of-state, religious money, used a referendum to strip gay citizens of the right to marry -- Walker added a few more arrows to the GOP's Hate Quiver.

The most immediate reaction will come in the confirmation vote of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Walker's ruling, when tied with that of Judge Joseph L. Tauro in Massachusetts -- firmly sets into motion the process that will take the gay marriage question to the Supreme Court.

And with all the innuendo about Kagan's own sexual identity, it's a given the GOP will make an issue of the ruling, even if they do not have the votes to block her elevation to the court.

While Walker's decision is the correct one, as with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's 2004 Goodrich ruling, the political timing could not have been better for the hate movement.

The irrationality level among conservatives is at a fever pitch. A full 41 percent of Republicans responding to a recent poll believe Barack Obama was not born in the United States. No word in this poll about the percentage who think he is the spawn of Satan.

In recent weeks, the wing nuts have come upon a new idea, this one targeted at the U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants. Repeal the 14th Amendment. You know, the equal protection clause of the Constitution that was made necessary after a Civil War where Southerners thought it was OK to enslave people.

Even John McCain, once the lone voice of rationality on the GOP on immigration, found himself on the fence about the Constitution he was sworn to preserve, protect and defend.

Count of the Limbaugh-Beck axis to add the Walker ruling into the mix of reasons for repeal. After all, the party opposed to judicial activism sees no problem with activism in promoting their own causes.

It's going to get really ugly.

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