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Friday, September 24, 2010

Bubba agonisites

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Bubba? Well supposedly confident Massachusetts Republicans.

For the second day in a row, GOP candidates are trying to play psychological games with the news that Bill Clinton will be in Massachusetts stumping for candidates.

Today's Herald tells us GOP Treasurer candidate Karyn Polito sees Clinton's fund-raising appearance for Steve Grossman as a sign the former Democratic National Committee Chairman is "too compromised" to be treasurer.
“He was one of the select few invited to sleep over for large contributors. He’s steeped in Democrat politics.”
Grossman of course is having none of it, taking a shot at Polito, whose support of the Question 1 sales tax rollback is being questioned by those at the top of her ticket.
“The only person who has ever questioned my integrity was Karyn Polito. I’ll let the people and the voters make the decision which candidate has the judgement, experience and character to be the next treasurer.”
This follows the laughable suggestion by Sean Bielat that Clinton's decision to stump for Barney Frank is a sign of weakness from the House Financial Services Committee Chairman.

Frank responded in a way only he can:
“If I don’t campaign I’m arrogant. But if I campaign effectively it shows I’m desperate. Why is it a sign of desperation to bring in a popular figure to say something nice about me?’’ Frank said in an interview. “Unless his view is that I should only be bringing in ineffective campaigners. Maybe next time I should bring in Jimmy Carter.’’
Bielat has a ready-made issue if he were serious -- the Dodd-Frank Act that reined in the financial services industry. If Bielat was opposed to limits on Wall Street he should say so rather than hide behind a campaign that appears to rest on the premise of huffing and puffing.

Or maybe he's a bank backer like Scott Brown?

If the best these candidates have to offer in a year with significant issues is Bubba bashing, what does that say?

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Anonymous Salamander Blue said...


Caritas is the 2nd largest health care system in all of New England. The people of Massachusetts in particular rely on Caritas to provide quality health care at reasonable prices. Martha Coakley is involved in approving the sale of Caritas to Cerberus Capital Management.

A quick look reveals that Cerberus is part of the same Wall Street Capitalist Jerks who have run our economy into the ground and made billions in the process.

And that's not at all. Cerberus is best-know for having DAN QUAYLE as a board member, senior adviser, and Chairman of of their global operations. Yes, Dan Quayle - obviously a man known for caring so much about the little people.

It's unbelievable to me that the people of Massachusetts will let this deal go through. Selling Caritas Christi to Dan Quayle is not my idea of fair, accessible, and quality health care for all. Sounds more like a bunch of chumps trying to get rich while the rest of us suffer.

Shame on you Martha Coakley if you surrender our health care so easily to people who only care about their bank accounts.

September 24, 2010 12:24 PM  

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