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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Charlie, we hardly know ye

No real surprises in the Suffolk/Channel 7 poll -- except that here we are seven weeks from the gubernatorial election and, as the Herald not-so-delicately notes "Voters clueless about Charlie Baker."

What that means for Deval Patrick as he heads into tonight's installment of the Great Debate is that he needs to continue to push Baker's hot buttons while staying cool himself. If there ever was a time for one candidate to define the opposition, this is it.

At the same time, the Baker camp has to be wondering what it takes to make an impression on Massachusetts voters. Although the candidate has been on trail for more than a year, it appears that 50 percent of the electorate either don't know him or haven't made up their minds.

And that's after his own introductory ads as well as a small flood of negative ads from the Republican Governors Association and the state Republican Party aimed at the "Patrick/Cahill" team.

That's got to be ominous for a couple of reasons, as the Phoenix's David Bernstein notes, principally that Baker's refusal to lay out a serious plan showing how he can cut taxes and balance the budget at the same time is making reporters forget how much they dislike Patrick.

It's not the best possible world for the Republican if the media joins Patrick in defining Baker as a hard-to-pin down angry man. Let's never forget that George Bush "won" in 2000 because Al Gore sighed.

The other thing to take away from the newest survey is never get too up or down over a poll. Less than a week after Rasmussen left Tim Cahill for dead with 5 percent with leaners tossed in -- and Baker and Patrick in a virtual dead heat -- Suffolk finds Cahill breathing, if only slightly more deeply, at 14 percent and Patrick with a 7-point spread.

But Patrick shouldn't get too cocky either. About the only thing that has remained constant through the surveys is the governor running in the lows 40s while his opponents jockeyed for second . He has a lot of selling to do too.

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