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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cut and run

Regular readers beware: I'm about to offer sympathy for Tim Cahill.

No, I'm not about to become Treasurer Tim's biggest booster. But I am about to suggest former advisers John Weaver and Adam Meldrum are two of the largest snake oil peddlers in politics today.

Both surely had to know Cahill was a long shot at best, even when he was riding ahead of Charlie Baker in the poll. But they took his money and crafted a strategy that brought a little bit of the Tea Party and Fox News to a candidate who, while on the right side of the ledger, was still a lifelong Democrat.

And now, with Nov. 2 approaching and Cahill holding steady, at best, the McCain "brain trust" opts to jump ship, declaring they don't want a Republican to lose.

If that was true, why get in here in the first place?

Nope, this is all about rats deserting a sinking ship.

And while I obviously don't intend to vote for Cahill, he has a better reason to stay in the race that Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein. Her interview with Brian Mooney cements the view from the debates to date: Stein is clueless about Massachusetts issues and presents the best chance to elect a Republican.

Maybe Weaver and Meldrum should sign on with Stein.

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