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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moonbats on parade

Moonbats ruled the day on Tuesday. But not the ones that Herald columnist-GOP fund-raiser Howie Carr loves to mock.

With wins by Christine O'Donnell in Delaware and Carl Paladino in New York and Massachusetts' own Jeff Perry in the 10th Congressional District and birther Bill Hudak in the 6th, the Tea Party was triumphant on Tuesday.

Whether or not they set the stage for victory or debacle in November is another question.

Meanwhile, the so-called loony left held its nose and picked incumbent Steve Lynch in the 9th District, rejecting the challenge of Mac D’Alessandro from the left.

In O'Donnell, Delaware Republicans passed up a sure thing in Rep. Mike Castle, a moderate who has been a prominent fixture in that state for decades. Paladino beat Rick Lazio, a perennial who lost to Hillary Clinton in 2000 and has been job-hunting. The Buffalo multi-million will face Andrew Cuomo for governor.

Here at home, all eyes will be on the 10th where Perry vanquished former Treasurer Joe Malone and will face outgoing Norfolk County District Attorney Bill Keating. It will be an interesting showdown between a prosecutor and a one-time cop.

A cop without an exemplary service record.

The national mood, according to the punditocracy, is that angry voters want change. Particularly angry conservatives who somehow feel Barack Obama is a Kenyan anti-colonial socialist who hijacked American values.

And they have nominated candidates for Senate like Rand Paul, who has issues with the Civil Rights Act. Sharron Angle, whose taken a stand in support for the rights of domestic violence abusers.

Meanwhile, O'Donnell was dogged by reports — many of them generated by members of her own party — that she had trouble with personal finances and had fudged her educational history. She also equated looking at porn with cheating on a spouse (better than beating them (I suppose).

Paladino called New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, an observant Jew, the anti-Christ.

Perry's record as a Wareham cop is fair game as is Hudak's extremism.

Tell me again -- who are the moonbats?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No change for the Dems, Rangel wins.

September 15, 2010 11:30 AM  

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