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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shameless pandering

Tim Cahill is getting desperate, pulling one of the lamest tricks in the political bag by grandstanding on the news of the day and trying to blame Deval Patrick for the Mattapan murders.
“He’s not been committed to public safety, it’s not been one of his values, and now we have bad repercussions,” Cahill said.
Cahill tries to blame Patrick for not hiring enough cops and favoring public defenders over prosecutors. Then he offers the inevitable weasel words:
“It may not have prevented this crime, but it will make it much harder to apprehend and convict this person.”
Not with half the Boston Police Department looking for him or her.

With sagging polls numbers and a rising animus to Charlie Baker, Cahill remains a force for mischief. But using a tragedy to make mischief is even lower than politics as usual, something Cahill says he doesn't practice.

Yeah, right.

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