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Monday, September 06, 2010

Thin Skin Baker

What the heck is Charlie Baker talking about?

The beneficiary of endless Republican Governors Association ads excoriating Deval Patrick and Tim Cahill over their records is now whining to the Herald that Patrick has gone negative on him. The apparent evidence?
Baker’s ire was raised by a Patrick campaign mailing last week knocking the former Cellucci administration finance chief for the Big Dig “financing scheme” as well as “skyrocketing” premiums while a CEO at Harvard Pilgrim. The ad also targets independent Tim Cahill.
Better yet, Baker categorized these well-aired themes on Baker's record in the Cellucci administration and with Harvard Pilgrim as "personal."

Excuse me? When your own commercials tout your role at Harvard Pilgrim -- one of the state's largest health insurers -- the subject of that tenure is far from "personal."

Baker's tenure in state government is certainly a fair subject for scrutiny. So is his stewardship of a health insurer in a state that is looking at ways to rein in health care costs,

I tend to agree with UMass-Boston political science professor Paul Watanabe that Baker's whine is hardly clueless, but simply an attempt to inoculate himself when he shifts into his own advertising mode.

Sorry Charlie. If Patrick and Cahill are vulnerable to a review of their record, so are you. Man up and stop whining.

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