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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Who won? Who watched?

Even though the barbecue grills remain in the backyards and the kids are only now putting together their book bags and heading off to school, the powers-that-be are telling us it's time to think about November.

Despite pronouncements in the Globe and Herald that Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker sucked up all the oxygen, I'm not sure much has changed after last night's official kick-off to the gubernatorial campaign (except of course that Jill Stein has used up her 15 minutes of fame).

Baker entered last night's debate down six points according to the most recent Statehouse News poll. Despite 13 months on the campaign trail and a million or so bucks dropped by the Republican Governors Association and the state Republican Party, Baker remains a cipher to 62 percent of Bay State voters.

It will be interesting to see if that changes at all after last night, when he maintained the obvious line of attack on Patrick while offering a standard GOP platform of tax cuts and balanced budget -- without concrete examples of what he will cut to accomplish that.

Patrick entered the night with the albatross of a tough incumbency and three people ready to pull it tighter around his neck. He didn't do anything significant to loosen it -- nor did he botch up anything to increase the percentage of people ready to run him out of town.

Cahill offered the same round of platitudes that has him stuck firmly in third, more of a thorn in Baker's side than Patrick's.

And can the dynamic change if no one watches? The most important number from that debate will be the ratings. The 7 p.m. start one day after Labor Day and one day after the Red Sox kept hope (temporarily) alive was not an ideal opportunity for Baker's introduction.

My guess? The Sox won the time period. And Daisuke Matsuzaka would lose to any of the candidates, including Stein.

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