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Friday, October 01, 2010

The Fabulous Baker Boys

It's almost enough to make you feel sorry for Tim Cahill. But watching one-time Republicans abandon his sinking ship is ultimately Cahill's own fault for really bad personnel evaluation.

And if anyone is surprised that John McCain is headed Massachusetts to campaign for Charlie Baker, hang your head in shame.

Paul Loscocco (who?) becomes the latest Republican in sheep's clothing to abandon Treasurer Tim, joining McCainiacs John Weaver and Adam Meldrum in walking out that door because they don't want a Republican to lose the Massachusetts governor's race.

If they believed that in the heart of hearts, why did they sign on in the first place?

Loscocco, who will have a hard time finding a job requiring trust (hey, can I interest you in this really sweet previously owned vehicle?) dropped his stink bomb on Cahill without so much a courtesy heads-up.

That fact -- and the reality it came less than a week after the Weaver-Meldrum putsch -- suggests there is absolutely no coincidence involved. Someone is pulling the marionette strings with great skill.

My guess? Republican Governors Association Chairman Haley Barbour, who softened up Cahill with tens of thousands of dollars in televised bombs and is now moving in for the kill.

Cahill, at least for now, refuses to acknowledge he is dead. And short of seeing his fund-raising go bone dry (a distinct possibility) I suspect he will stay until the bitter end and perform the role that supporters of Deval Patrick have long hailed him for -- attacking Baker.

And as for the GOP nominee? Well, he can claim plausible deniability but the stench from one of the most impressive non-lethal political assassinations in history is going to linger around his camp for the next four weeks.

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