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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Is there a full moon?

A candidate's wife about to plead guilty to tax fraud. Student activists stalking candidate's families. And let us not forget the case of the purloined running mate.

About the only thing missing from this week on the Massachusetts campaign trail is a candidate who dabbled in witchcraft.

Let's start with the serious. Patrice Tierney, wife of 6th District Democrat John Tierney is reported to be ready to plead guilty to federal tax charges involving a bank account that her brother allegedly used to deposit millions of dollars in illegal gambling profits from an offshore sports betting operation in Antigua.


Tierney released a statement saying his wife was duped by her brother. But with 27 days to go, it's hard to imagine a potentially more troubling issue for a candidate.

What makes the situation even more complicated is Tierney's opponent, Bill Hudak, fits quite nicely into this new bizarro world with his roots in the birther movement. North Shore voters have an interesting month coming up.

The same goes for South Shore voters who now have to contemplate what else may be afoot when a Republican activist decides to stalk a county prosecutor and his family to see if he really lives in the congressional district.

Jeff Perry denies the overzealous activists were doing his bidding in using a telephoto lens to watch the former Sharon residence of Bill Keating -- still the home of Keating's 22-year-old daughter.

Let's face it: Perry doesn't need any more attention about others engaging in questionable activity involving young women.

All of this somehow makes Paul Loscocco's jilting of Tim Cahill for Charlie Baker, who first embraced and then spurned Loscocco seem like mere politics as usual.

I was just lamenting the campaigns seemed somewhat flat recently. I guess I should be careful what I wish for.

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