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Friday, October 22, 2010

Makes my head spin

So is Sean Bielat the darling of Wall Street or is Barney Frank a tool of investment bankers? Boston Herald readers have a right to be confused.

The Mad Hatters of Herald Square proclaim today that Frank "raked in $40G from bailed out banks." That's apparently quite a recovery for Frank, who was portrayed yesterday as scrambling for cash while "Wall Street bigwigs" rallied to the side of his Fourth District challenger.

The Herald continues its quest to pump up the volume on what is admittedly the first serious challenge Frank has faced in decades. But for the true test of where the race stands, I prefer to look where the cash is actually being spent.

And it's not on Bielat television ads. And certainly not by the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee or the Fred Malek-led American Action Network. They have been busy double-teaming the airwaves attacking 10th District Democratic hopeful Bill Keating without ever mentioning GOP "darling" Jeff Perry.

When it's not busy leading cheers for Bielat (and ignoring Perry's woes), the Herald is also providing a differing viewpoint on the governor's race. And while this dispute is legitimate, the spin is predicable.

The Herald highlights the job loss total while the Globe focuses on the drop in the overall unemployment rate. The Herald's Jay Fitzgerald is quick to point out "[t]he two surveys’ mixed results ... are not unusual in the arcane world of economic projection."

So it was left to political reporter Hillary Chabot to wield the GOP talking points, declaring:
The crushing announcement yesterday that the Bay State has lost 24,000 jobs in the past two months could topple Gov. Deval Patrick off his frontrunner perch and derail his campaign message of leading the economy in a rebound, experts say.
At least you never have to ask the Herald which side they're on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mad-hatters muddying the waters. It's all they know how to do and sadly, it appears to work.

October 22, 2010 9:45 AM  

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