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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Polito-ics as usual

There's not supposed to be any political campaigning in the Massachusetts House chamber. But that hasn't stopped Republican Treasury candidate Karyn Polito.

The Shrewsbury Republican is single-handedly holding up action on a $400 million spending bill. The Statehouse News Service paints an unflattering picture of Polito talking on her cell phone all day-- breaking from routine only to summon a House court officer to get her water or charge her cell phone battery.

Meanwhile, Polito appears to be oblivious to the news of the day and how that spending bill affects it. It would be hard to miss the quadruple homicide in Mattapan this week, not to mention its the drug and/or gang connections. Even so, she apparently has missed the fact the legislation calls for funds to fight crimes related to those scourges.

Or perhaps Polito is unaware that the bill contains the state's share of aid to help Boston Medical Center out of a financial pickle.

She also apparently missed the fact that House Republican leaders, who actually spoke to Speaker Robert DeLeo instead of simply grandstand, have approved the spending bill.

Polito no doubt was conducting only state business from the desk she is leaving in the House chamber, although I am sure she was lamenting the absence of a campaign camera to capture her "one woman against the machine" television spot. Maybe she can recreate the image somewhere else.

And maybe Democrat Steve Grossman can recreate the image of one woman, using a court officer as a personal valet, conducted her own business on state time, leaving in the lurch a number of solutions for vexing state problems that she is either unaware of or ignoring altogether.

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