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Monday, October 04, 2010

Scorched earth time

We're about to discover that angry politicians may match hell and a woman scorned on the fury scale.

The Herald reports Tim Cahill is in the field this week taping for what is expected to be a $1 million television advertising buy. After several September Surprises from his own camp -- particularly Paul "Benedict Arnold" Loscocco's slither over to Charlie Baker -- Cahill is mad as hell and appears ready to settle some scores.

While Cahill campaign manager Scott Campbell promises Deval Patrick will not be ignored in the upcoming negative blitz, it's a safe bet Cahill is aiming for payback against Baker, whose own campaign offerings have almost exclusively targeted Cahill and Patrick without spelling out his own plans.

The Republican Governors Association blitz, launched without Baker's participation, was the first nail in the Cahill coffin, moving him from second to a distant third even as they barely moved the needle for Baker.

The bad news for Baker is Loscocco's craven departure from the ticket and into Baker's arms creates the image of a backroom deal, no matter the candidate's denial of one. That is surely going to be a focal point of Cahill's strategy to empty the arsenal and go down in a blaze of glory.

And that's not good for Baker, still an unknown to 16 percent in one recent poll and coming in with 40 percent unfavorables in another.

With four weeks to go, Baker needs to begin to close the deal with Massachusetts voters. A Cahill blitz -- even one including Patrick -- could make that very difficult by dragging the race even deeper into the gutter.

After all, you know what they say about the Deval you know.

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