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Friday, October 08, 2010

"Will definitely make for great PR for Paul"

All you need to know about the sorry state of Tim Cahill's campaign can be found in this e-mail from erstwhile running mate Paul Loscocco's adviser Jason Zanetti talking about Loscocco's political future after abandoning Cahill:
“I like the timing here because if we proceed as discussed, I think Paul will be credited with putting Baker ahead of Patrick in the next poll and hopefully on election day. Will definitely make for great PR for Paul and help repair his standing in the Republican Party for the years ahead.’’
And of course the fact that he made this dunderheaded observation in an e-mail chain with then-Cahill advisers John Weaver and Adam Meldrum, e-mails that apparently lived on the Cahill campaign server.

But the lawsuit Cahill filed yesterday this is starting to look like more than simply the meltdown of the independent campaign for governor. The e-mails make for fascinating reading about what would be one of the most bizarre political dirty tricks since Watergate, perhaps involving Republican Governors Association chairman (and 2012 presidential "hopeful") Haley Barbour, the former John McCain "brain trust" and perhaps "JSM" himself.

Starting with Zanetti's ludicrous misreading of Loscocco's political viability after bolting the Cahill ticket to embrace Baker, the e-mails offer a down and very dirty look at the machinations that apparently transpired before Loscocco played Brutus to Cahill's Caesar.

No one looks good here. Cahill's competence in personnel management is certainly in question for selecting a team of Benedict Arnolds.

The Baker campaign, which had been the recipient of millions of dollars in negative ads by the RGA directed at Cahill at the very least is distracted by what is clearly an effort by Cahill to take Baker down with him. It needs to forcefully respond to Zanetti's e-mail suggestion that GOP campaign's manager was trying to collect campaign dirt from the departing Cahill team.
“I spoke with Tim O’Brien just now,’’ Zanetti wrote ... in an e-mail sent last Sunday afternoon, just two days after Loscocco backed Baker, according to the lawsuit. “He wants to let the Paul story die on the vine. I wouldn’t mind at least one discussion with Adam and a reporter though about the ‘deep divisions’ between the camps, disrespect/distrust of Paul/his team, etc.’’
The GOP-spin version of the story in today's Herald -- that Cahill's suit is simply a ruse to cover up wrong doing in his own campaign -- offers as clear a window as ever into the media-political complex alive in Massachusetts today.

The only winner in this bizarre but entertaining tale of political intrigue is Deval Patrick, which is obvious in the silence out of his campaign.

The public is tired of politics as usual. And while this is truly politics as UNusual, it is going to make it even harder for Baker to close a sale with an electorate that clearly hasn't been convinced after more than a year on the campaign trail and with less than a month to go before decision day.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought that Cahill's campaign was a sham anyway, a lifelong Dem suddenly "sees the light" and becomes independent. He was a set up to take away some votes from Baker by trying to become the start of a legit independent party which many of us would love to see. I usually don't stay up to see the voting tallies but this alone will make it worth going in late on Wed morning.

October 08, 2010 9:27 AM  

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