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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The bill is in the mail. Not.

Those customer service wizards at the Globe are at it again, antagonizing the hearty and dwindling few who help prop them up by paying a premium, in advance, for home delivery than can sometime be an ordeal.

Except of course when they aren't paying because they aren't being billed -- but getting past due notices for charges that weren't assessed in the first place.

Actually it was a surprise to receive a mailed statement because the Globe said months ago they bills were going to be stuffed into the papers on some sort of regular basis -- weekly, monthly -- that was never specified.

That's because the bill stuffing is apparently about to begin now, at least according to the past due notice. And with it will come all the confusion inherent when papers are dropped randomly on doorsteps without names or unit numbers for the condos subscribing.

It's pretty clear the Globe 's tactical plan is to force all customers to pony up credit cards to make their lives easier and more profitable.

At the expensive of the Golden Geese keeping them afloat.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

After having the Globe use my credit card information along with thousands of other subscribers as wrappers on their paper drops I will never provide the Globe with any of my credit card information.

November 14, 2010 3:20 PM  

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