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Monday, November 08, 2010

Brown out?

Boy, that didn't take long. One Election Day whuppin' and Scott Brown and his minions are getting nervous enough for the Herald to suggest he ditch the Bay State for the Oval Office.

The Bay State's Fair-haired (and only) Republican started poor-mouthing his re-election chances almost as soon as the polls closed last Tuesday. And no wonder, after throwing his support behind such stellar candidates such as Bill Hudak and Jeff Perry.

But it was the loss of Mary Connaughton that probably made Brown start thinking about his options. That and finding himself on the Tea Party hit list.

Brown was in full self-pity mode by the end of the week, telling the Globe that he found it hard to have his outreach to the middle unrequited, a fantasy debunked over at Blue Mass. Group.

Now we have reached a new level, with the official Republican Party organ floating the trial balloon that Brown shouldn't waste his talents on an ungrateful Bay State but rather should go national.

Next step of course is for Brown to say he is flattered by the Herald and re-pledge his loyalty to Mass. (and Mitt). And a grateful state GOP promising undying loyalty should a Tea Party challenge emerge.

Just sayin'.

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