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Friday, November 19, 2010

Dancing with the Hacks

It's one of the most explosive investigations into the Massachusetts political patronage system in decades. But to the Tea Party Newsletter, it might as well be taking place in Alaska.

On the morning after the Supreme Judicial Court issues a scathing 300-plus page report by independent counsel Paul Ware exposing the state probation department -- and the elected officials who corrupted it -- The Herald leads with a paean to Palin and a Howie Carr grumble that it would have been nice to know about this before the election.

We did. Because we read the Globe.

We know Herald Editor Joe Scaccia has declared the understaffed newspaper is now in the business of doing exclusive content you can't get anywhere else. So I am truly gratified to know that a cyclist can get to Park Street faster than the Green Line C train. Wait a minute, I knew that too, because I actually use public transportation in this city.

The Ware Report will rumble the underpinnings of Beacon Hill in the new legislative session, with a number of lawmakers, including House Speaker Robert DeLeo mentioned as beneficiaries of the patronage nest created by his twice-removed, once-convicted predecessor and radio talk show host Tom Finneran.

And the heat continues to rise DeLeo's not-so-trustworthy No. 2, Tom Petrolati.

But Herald readers can remain entranced by the conspiracy theories surrounding Bristol Palin and whether the voting for Dancing with the Stars is rigged.

Far more important I guess than knowing the job creation system in the probation department really is rigged.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not a if it's really "news". It's the way things have been done in Mass for years. They could have posted promotions and jobs along side engagements. So and so is happy to announce obtaining a new job for their nephew. It's with the state and the new post will be working in Boston.

November 19, 2010 12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't Joe Sciacca doing a wonderful job as editor of the Herald? Either he's as bad as he seems, or is a powerless, editor in name only, with the real authority for the day to day paper residing in the publisher. In either case, he should try to get a job with a real paper and salvage his reputation while he still can.

November 20, 2010 8:19 AM  

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