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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Shut up and take it"

Has the Herald lost its mojo? Why else would the 'up the establishment' gang tells airport passengers to accept full-body scans and gropes?

The Transportation Security Agency may well be No. 1 on everybody's least favorite government agency list and certainly anyone who has had a unopened, smaller-than-three-ounce jar of fruit preserves confiscated as contraband "gel" knows it is not as if they're doing a perfect job protecting the homeland.

But it is curious that the wild bunch over at the Tea Party Newsletter have suddenly turned tame in the face of one of government's most intrusive forays into our personal privacy.

Me? I'll put up with the scan because I recognize the trade-off is important. Then again, I'm a liberal.

But I can't help but wonder why a situation that cries out for a little righteous anger about the government always being one step behind the enemy we are spending trillions to defend against produces little more than a whimper from the most self-righteous of them all.

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