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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

When the shouting ends

The PACs are packing up and Christine O'Donnell has put away the eye of newt. Tea leaves have been read and bellwethers have been rung. It's game time.

One of the more fun ways to wile away the hours on Election Day is to scour for clues. The exit polls traditionally offered insight for insiders, but their accuracy has dimmed in recent years. So that leaves people with lots of time on their hands until the madness of real results begin.

The pundits have pretty much spoken nationally, with predictions of Speaker John Boehner running rampant. Locally, the feeling is a small blue wave is likely, despite the best efforts of the Mad Hatters of Herald Square to pump up the volume.

In the interest of discussion, allow me to revise and extend a now somewhat discredited predictor: the World Series. Tradition had it that American League victories meant Republican presidents while National League champions presaged Democratic Oval Office occupants.

It's fitting the tradition fell into disrepute after 1976, right about the time our politics starting to really pick up its nasty tint. And of course it was turned on its head by the 2000 election where George Bush beat Al Gore, thanks to a save by the Supremes, while the Yankees ruled baseball.

Given Major League Baseball's desire to showcase the Boys of November, we may not get another presidential test. But thanks to the quick work of the Giants, let's try this out:

San Francisco, home of Nancy Pelosi, the bete noire of the right, defeated Texas, formerly owned by none other than 43, the devil incarnate of the left.

Does this mean Madame Speaker may actually squeeze out another two years? Or like the Punxatawney Phil, are we looking at six more weeks (give or take) of Pelosi?

Don't forget to vote.

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