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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Which side are you on, Scott Brown?

Forget the down-home image of the truck drivin', barn coat-wearin' man of the people and consider these two facts:
  • Scott Brown voted with his Republican colleagues yesterday to kill a bill that would provide tax cuts to 98 percent of Americans to show their solidarity with the upper 2 percent, those earning more than $250,000 annually, a move that would add $700 billion to the deficit;
  • Just days earlier, Brown voted with that same Plutocrat Caucus to block an effort to extend long-term unemployment benefits because they are not supported by current revenue and therefore would blow a hole in the deficit.
It's a good thing the senator only has two sides to his mouth. That makes it easier to track the hypocrisy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a thought about unemployment, if you collect after your initial claim runs out, you have to show up weekly and work 30 hrs to collect anything. Get people back in the mood of getting up and doing something, and no job will be beneath them. Our parks are spiffly painted, the sidewalks in the winter freshly shoveled. And the other 10 hrs a week they pound the pavement and look for work. Win, win.

December 06, 2010 12:17 PM  

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