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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Herald on the hunt

The pit bulls at the Herald have belatedly latched on to the Evergreen Solar debacle and don't plan on letting it go.

Heck, we've got foot-dragging, tut-tutting from investment analysts and editorials questioning the wisdom and sanity of state officials.

Nowhere do we find what I suggested last week was an important piece of context: the fact the state made the same bad business deals with Raytheon and Fidelity. I know I can't find clips from the Herald suggesting they took on those titans with intensity over deals made by the Weld and Cellucci administrations.

And there's certainly nothing like a thoughtful piece on the state's overall business tax incentive policy where companies get to keep their breaks even after they shed jobs.

What we need is a top-to-bottom review of policies that shift the tax burden from business to individuals. We don't need an artificial feeding frenzy where a paper gets into a snit because Deval Patrick doesn't have a pile of papers with him when accosted by a reporter.

Somehow I don't expect we'll be getting that from the folks at Herald Square. That's not the ox they're looking to gore.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it gets exagerated as a mistake now because the jobs are going to China, in a tough economic recession. Also it's a bunch of "green" jobs, which were touted as being our answer to the future.

January 20, 2011 4:55 AM  

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